Unlock your financial success in 30 days
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The time has come to create a quality of life and a business that will make your biggest dreams come true.

Mindset course for people who want to improve their relationship with money and be absolutely sure that regardless of what is happening in the world, they will always have enough money

Do you often lower the price of your products/services or give much more than customers expect?

Does your bank account balance not match the amount of work you do?

Are you paralyzed by the fear of running out of money?

Do you feel anxious when you think about overdue bills?

You feel uncomfortable talking about money.

Do you feel stuck at a certain level of your income and see no other way to earn more than to work hard?

Do you feel that you are not good enough or smart enough to do what you most want?

Do you feel that your finances are riding a roller coaster – high income is intertwined with even more expenses?

OR ... do you just feel that the time has come to enter an even higher level of your income without waiting longer for a better opportunity?

Hi, I am Bea

Stop fighting your dreams, start working on the blockages that limit you, and create the best version of your life. Fulfil your dreams. There is only one life and it is only up to you how you use it.

You don't have to be rich to start, but you have to start to be rich

Bea Skrzypiec


Money is a resource that not only allows you to create a beautiful life, but also share it with others. Travel, build the quality of life you want. You may not want to make millions. You may not care about a stunning career, but ...

... a good relationship with money first of all gives you the feeling of absolute certainty that you will never have to worry in your life that you will run out of money.

And that feeling are the best in the world and worth any price.

But to reach this state, you must: change the way you see yourself, your life and what you expect from it allow yourself to have money.

Because only you can do everything to prevent it from happening to you) to stop compromising any longer and saying no to your heart's desires. open up to unlimited possibilities and the freedom to work and live as you want.

Are you ready to achieve more in your life and finances in 30 days than in the last year or even years?

Change any patterns and unhelpful stories that are impeding the flow of money in your life. Increase your earning potential and hold money without immediate loss?

To forgive once and for all and free yourself from experiences, people and surroundings that keep you convinced that you don't deserve more?

Understand the energy of money and improve your relationship with money? Give up guilt, fear and shame for having money or not?

Become a manifestation master and start generating, earning and receiving money naturally and easier than ever before?


30 days of video recording

Every day you get access to a new video that lasts 15-30 minutes. Step-by-step videos will guide you through all phases of working with your own beliefs about money and converting them into ones that will support you in development and help you to achieve better earnings. Whether your goal is to get out of debt or earn your first million, there’s something for you here.



Just watching movies or listening to recordings will do nothing if you do not put the knowledge into practice yourself. Therefore, each day includes a new exercise in the form of an interactive PDF. You don’t need to print it to complete it. All you need is your computer or phone.



I know how important it is to support you when working with your own beliefs and improving the quality of your life. That is why you also have access to my private help on the group and forum and in the form of a private live chat. And also during private meetings at ZOOM.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Facebook?

No, you don't need to use any social media to take full advantage of the program. All materials, videos, exercises as well as the group and forum are available directly on the training platform. After joining the program, an account will be automatically created for you that gives you access to everything. Everything is in one place and is not dependent on any external website and does not require you to create additional accounts on portals that you do not use anyway.

Will I get access to everything right away?

The course starts on the same day you enrolled in the program, and subsequent lessons - recordings with exercises will be made available to you at 1-day intervals. This course is designed to help you eliminate old beliefs from your mind that are not serving you and teach you to think in a completely different way. Unfortunately, it cannot be done if you see everything one day and do nothing the next. It's like losing weight. Don't lose the extra pounds if you only train once, and then you'll be disappointed as to why the weight still shows that 10kg overweight. It's the same here. Therefore, for the first 30 days, lessons are held every day, but then you can come back to them many times without having to wait another 30 days.

What time do lessons take place?

The training is conducted in the self-study mode. This means that for the first 30 days, lessons are made available every 30 days, but you are conducted in the self-study mode. This means that for the first 30 days, lessons are shared every 30 days, but you choose what time you log into your account and see today's lesson. Each lesson is available at the hour what time you joined this course on a given day. You choose what time you will log into your account and you will see today's lesson.

I'm afraid I won't find time to work with the program every day.

In the beginning, let's be honest. In order for anything to change in your life, start doing something different. If you are looking for an excuse at the outset not to find time to work, your end result may be much lower than you expect. I prepared the recordings in such a way that the work each day does not take you more than 30 minutes. But I also understand that sometimes something in our life will fall out and we will not miss surprises. Therefore, nothing gets stuck, expires or disappears from the program. Just as soon as you are able to go back to the last lesson with which you finished work, and move on with the next lesson. You have a whole year to do this, and most importantly, do all the lessons without rushing around or skipping exercises.

Since I joined the program officially celebrating hitting the $100K milestone in my biz!

Rachelle Martin

Financial Coach

Officially celebrating hitting the $50K milestone in my biz!

Angela Morales

Personal Coach

Since I joined the program officially celebrating hitting the $80K milestone in my biz!


Online Course Coach

Officially celebrating hitting the $80K milestone in my biz!

Maria Jane

Founder Digital Agency

Since I joined the program officially celebrating hitting the $100K milestone in my biz!

Laura Anna

Financial Coach

Officially celebrating hitting the $70K milestone in my biz!


Sales & Business Coach