There are many ways to manifest. How many people so many ideas. Each of the methods has its supporters. Before you use one or several of them, you need to understand one thing. That it really doesn’t matter what you do and how you do it.

Each of the methods of manifestation may accelerate the achievement of the goal, but may also make it impossible to achieve it.

You have to understand one thing. Doing “something” to help yourself manifest automatically tells your subconscious mind that you don’t have it yet. Well, because if you’ve already achieved your goal, you wouldn’t have to do any special rituals to help yourself, would you?

Therefore, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before proceeding with any method:

  1. don’t do it, if you feel uncomfortable doing it
  2. don’t do it, if you feel you need to perform a method perfectly or you will fail
  3. remember that performing a method takes only a few minutes during the day/week, and then you come back to your reality and what you really think and feel in this reality counts, not the 10 or 20 minutes of meditation; if you doubt yourself for 23 hours, it doesn’t matter what you do, because it won’t work anyway.

This week I decided to post a few posts with ready-made solutions that always work for me. I hope they will also help you manifest your dreams better and faster. Be sure to let me know which method you like best.


I will not hide that I have always liked visuals. The problem is that in order to use them to good effect you have to really “get into” and see in detail what you want.

In this way, I marked the buyer for my house, who appeared “out of nowhere” within 3 days, and a week later I already had money on my account, when everyone around said that I would not sell the house so quickly.

I manifested an ocean view apartment the moment I needed it. Then another one, which was available at the perfect time, when I needed it, and a place so incredibly amazing that even in the visualizations I didn’t predict it – we wanted our daughter to get to school easily, and the apartment was 100 meters from the school 😀

It all started in the 1st year of high school when I decided to test “if it works” and went crazy imagining myself getting into the finals of the Economic Knowledge Olympics. Not that I don’t study anything for this Olympics, but you feel the vibe. It was first grade and the rest of the participants were high school graduates. I have never been a top student. But the vision of my manifestations has come true exactly. On the stage, there were 3 women dressed in exactly the clothes they had in my imagination. The scene looked just like in my imagination… you don’t forget it. There were also various situations, such as manifesting new customers, selling 20,000 a day, weekends when I didn’t have any customers yet…

But… it all worked, because I had a specific image in my head, and I felt specific emotions. However, we are not always so “focused” on visions. Sometimes we know that we would like something, but we do not have a very specific vision of what it could be. You need some amount of money, but you don’t yet see your life as it should be after realizing this vision.

That is why today I am sending you a paten on how to use the power of visualization when your head goes blank. This method will work, for example, when you want a certain amount of money or, for example, you are waiting for an important message from someone. Maybe a job offer or a new client.

Lets start

  1. Calm your mind. Sit back or lie down. No matter what position you are in, it’s important that you feel comfortable.
  2. Take 10 deep, slow breaths and then close your eyes.
  3. Now imagine that you are holding your phone. (if you have a problem with this, you can hold the phone in your hand, but keep your eyes closed. you just hold it to make the feeling stronger).
  4. And then imagine that you are logging into your bank account (usually most of us have our bank application installed on our phone). You look at the account balance and there is exactly the amount you need.
  5. If you are waiting for a new customer – you can imagine a notification from the application accepting payments or an order confirmation email from the customer.
  6. Check it out (account balance / email / notification).
  7. Bring the phone close to your eyes in your imagination. Place your finger on the screen and start scrolling.
  8. How do you feel when you see a customer’s mail? Incoming notifications about the next order?
  9. Imagine 5 different feelings.
  10. Look at the phone and feel each of these feelings one by one for several seconds.
  11. How can you be feeling? Will you be excited, happy, calm, confident, open to more….?
    This visualization takes only a few minutes and you can do it almost anywhere.

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