You want something, but no matter what you try, your reality doesn’t change anyway? Maybe you’ve tried to use the Law of Attraction before, but without big success.

Today we are going to focus on the 3 most important steps that many people have a problem with and that change your reality.

Everything has two forms

You have to remember that whatever you want really takes two forms. Let’s focus on the money here. Do you want more money? Cool! So tell me how do you feel about them?

Usually, a person who wants to earn more, and has more money does not think about the amount he wants. And he thinks about the lack of this amount. Your thoughts are of secondary importance here. Much more important is how you feel when you think about the amount you want.

Do you feel stressed that you don’t have that amount right now? Are you desperate or are you acting like someone who hasn’t money but wants to have it?

Think for a moment, how would you feel if you had this amount in your account or earned as much as you want every month? Would you feel this stress in you?

Everything that surrounds us is made of energy, and this is not talking about the Law of Attraction, but the basic principles of quantum physics. Both my body, your body, the chair on which you are sitting, the phone or the computer you see in front of you, the tree, the squirrel, the potatoes … The fact that it is a given thing result from the vibration that the given energy vibrates and the emotions that the observer gives the given thing.

Money is nothing but energy like any other thing. And if so, they vibrate with a certain frequency and your emotions affect how many of them are in your life right now. It is you who influence the balance of your account with your mind.

Do you blame politics, inflation and the war caused by Russia for soaring in stores? Guess what – it is with your emotions that you communicate not the inflation etc. You will not become a hero, you will not end the war in Russia, you will not change Inflation and even if prices stop rising, believe me, they will not suddenly start falling. Simply put, providers will start earning more.

You won’t change reality, but you have absolute control over how you react to what is happening around you.

Everything has two forms – it is there or it is not. If at the moment you do not earn/have the amount that you would like, it means that you are focusing on the lack of it in your life at the moment.

Think and live as if you had what you want

Many people think positively, say affirmations to themselves, and use the Law of Attraction, but at the same time see no effect. The problem is that you are communicating your wishes in the future all the time.

Time is not linear. What they taught us in school is really a lie and again it’s not about some magic, but about the basic principles of physics.

It has been proven that time is not linear, but everything (both the past and the future happen at the same time).

For someone in their 30s, 40s and 50s, changing their perception of time other than linearly can be troublesome, but it can be changed.

Here there is another problem with a different way of perceiving time. If you have set goals for yourself so far, you have certainly heard more than once that you need to set a specific time by which you want to achieve them. Only that time is in the future again. And since time is not linear, there is no point in setting goals like this.

You must feel that you have already arrived at the place you want to go. That you have already achieved what you want right now and act with that conviction every day.

The point is not to act like a person who already earns as much as they want, but to feel like a person who earns as much. And as you feel like you are earning more money, your behaviour will naturally change.

If you plan all the time on a specific day and month and year, you will be communicating and acting out of a sense of lack. All you do is communicate that it is not in your life. And since time is not linear, it means that it was not in the past, it is not now, and it will not be in the future.


Your emotions tell you what you create

Your thoughts create the emotions you feel. Emotions are nothing more than energy, and since everything is made of energy, energy creates your reality.

During the day, over 65,000 thoughts appear in our heads, of which over 90% of them are created automatically on the basis of our beliefs and blockades that have grown up in us already in childhood.

In fact, we only control less than 10% of our thoughts, so what happens in our lives is largely random. You can be the most organized person in the world, ambitious, etc., but still the effect you achieve in life is the result of your habits, habits and beliefs that limit you. So limiting, because everyone has them without exception. We are only at different stages of our lives. For one person, limiting beliefs will not allow you to get out of debt, for another, they will not allow you to earn 100,000 a month – each month.

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